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About Gina

co-founder, gathering guru

Gina Whittington is THE go-to professional for creating extraordinary experiences and luxury events in Austin, Texas. Gina has over 20 years experience in the event industry and quickly realized her innate ability to curate unique experiences and started her own event company in 2013.

Gina's creative prowess and meticulous attention to detail have earned her the trust of discerning clients, luxury brands, and Fortune 500 companies. Whether it's an intimate gathering, a lavish wedding, or a non-profit gala, her ability to transform visions into reality sets her apart in the field of event planning. With a deep passion for the industry, Gina is constantly innovating and developing her craft by seeking inspiration from art, fashion, and global trends. 

In addition to her professional endeavors, Gina is actively involved in various organizations. She serves on the board of SIMS, an organization that provides mental healthcare services to the music industry. She also serves on the board of WIPA (Wedding International Professional Association), an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting wedding professionals globally.

Gina is actively engaged with the Highland Park PTA, where her daughter, Scarlett (8), is a proud Scottie! Her husband, Michael "Stix" Tashnick’s zest for life complements Gina's passion and drive, motivating her to keep pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in both her personal and professional life. When not at school, at a board meeting, or at an event, you can find Gina on the tennis court, or behind the bar continuing her lifelong quest to make the perfect martini.

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